What Kind of Driver are You?

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    When you are driving the radio / music is

    • Cranked Up LOUD
    • On normal volume
    • I listen to talk radio
    • My car does not have a sound system
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    In the last 5 years, how many driving tickets do you have?

    • To many to count
    • Less than three
    • NONE
    • I have NEVER had a ticket in my life !
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    The MOST important thing about your car is

    • It’s a sports car
    • It’s a family car / SUV
    • It gets GREAT gas mileage
    • It goes REALLY fast!
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    When driving to work, how many times do curse at other drivers?

    • To many to count…
    • Not very often – but sometimes…
    • I Don’t – but it seems like they are cursing at me
    • Why the F#@& are you aking me that S#$*!
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    Have you ever experienced “Road Rage”?

    • Yes-sometimes I get REALLY angry at other drivers
    • No- I maintain control
    • No – but I always see people yelling and throwing up their middle fingers at me…
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    Do you ever use the horn in your car?

    • Hell Yeah!
    • Sometimes
    • Where is it?
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    You are

    • Male – Under Age 40
    • Male – Over age 40
    • Female – Under Age 40
    • Female – Over Age 40
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    Would you like a self-driving car?

    • No-It would drive me nuts!
    • Maybe…
    • Yes-as long as it was safe!
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    When someone passes you on the highway…

    • You get really mad !
    • You don’t really think about it
    • It’s OK – EVERYBODY passes you
    • NOBODY passes me !
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    If there is a merge on the road ahead…

    • you speed to the front and cut in line
    • you get in as soon as you can
    • you drive in that lane the entire time and let other drivers cut in
    • you drive on the side of the road and cut into the line

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