Have you ever been to a friends house that was a mess? Do people come into your house and think it’s a mess? Take this quiz and find out if you areĀ  Neat Freak (or not!).

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    How many times a day do you take a shower?

    • 3 or more…
    • 1 or 2
    • Sometimes I don’t take showers
  • Question of

    Have you ever participated in a burping competition?

    • No – that is Disgusting !
    • No
    • I win those ALL the time!
  • Question of

    Your house/room looks like…

    • Spotless – not dust or mess at all!
    • It’s pretty clean.
    • piles of clothes, papers, books and “my stuff”
  • Question of

    Describe your kitchen sink…

    • Bleached, clean and spotless – always!
    • There are usually no dishes hanging around in there!
    • I wish is was bigger so I could pile up more dishes!
  • Question of

    Your car looks like…

    • Spotless inside and out!
    • It’s clean but might need a wash and wax!
    • I don’t wash my car and the inside is filled with trash.
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    How often do you eat in bed?

    • Never. I only eat in the kitchen!
    • I may have a snack but not often
    • I eat most of my meals in bed!
  • Question of

    When was the last time you washed your bed sheets?

    • I wash them several times a week!
    • I wash them at least once a week…
    • It’s been months or longer…
  • Question of

    About your refrigerator…

    • Spotless – everything in lines up in rows by expiration dates…
    • It’s clean but things inside are not perfectly organized.
    • I think there is something crawling around back there…
  • Question of

    Have you ever pulled dirty clothes from the laundry basket and worn them?

    • Never !
    • I may have once or twice…
    • of course – doesn’t everybody?
  • Question of

    About your toothbrush…

    • I keep in in a sterile place and change it once a month
    • It’s in a holder and I throw it out when I go to the dentist and get a new one!
    • I have not seen it on a while…

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