Do you have the basic skills and knowledge to become a lawyer. Take this quiz and find out!

  • Question of

    The best definition for the word “jurisprudence” is:

    • a branch of philosophy concerned with the law
    • not of sound mind, memory, or understanding
    • stewed prunes that you pour over ice cream
  • Question of

    How many years does it take to complete law school if you attend full time?

    • three
    • four
    • two
  • Question of

    Are you comfortable speaking in front of groups of people?

    • Yes-love it!
    • Sometimes
    • No-I do not like that!
  • Question of

    How many hours are you willing to work a week?

    • As many as it takes!
    • I don’t mind working-but I don’t want to LIVE at my job!
    • As FEW as possible!
  • Question of

    Are you good at changing people’s minds?

    • Yes-I am very persuasive!
    • Some of the time!
    • No-I don’t really care what people think…
  • Question of

    Do you enjoy writing term papers and essays?

    • Yes-l am good at that!
    • It’s OK
    • Heck no-I hate writing!
  • Question of

    What is “exculpatory evidence”?

    • Evidence that shows a defendants innocence
    • Evidence that shows a defendants guilt
    • Evidence used to seek the death penalty
  • Question of

    A subpoena is a command for a witness to appear and give testimony. What is a “subpoena duces tecum”?

    • a command for a witness to produce documents
    • a command for a witness to give a DNA sample
    • testimony given while eating lunch with a witness
  • Question of

    The process by which judges and lawyers question and select a trial jury is called “voir dire”. What is the translation for this term?

    • “to speak the truth”
    • “justice is blind”
    • “roll the dice”
  • Question of

    Traditionally, how many members are selected for a Federal Grand Jury?

    • 23
    • 6
    • 12
  • Question of

    Which is a more serious offense?

    • felony
    • misdemeanor
  • Question of

    Which word best describes you?

    • competative
    • pessimist
    • arrogant
    • thoughtful
    • helpful
    • sarcastic

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