• Question of

    When you look in the mirror, you say to yourself

    • “Damn – you look good today!”
    • “Wow-you look tired…”
    • “OMG – you are funny!”
    • “At least you look better than yesterday!”
    • “At least the mirror didn’t break!”
  • Question of

    When you go to work / school and see the boss, you say to yourself

    • “I wonder if they are s tired as I am?”
    • “OMG – he looks like Fred Flintstone!”
    • ‘At least I look better then the they do!”
    • “I can count their IQ on one hand!”
    • “I hope they have a good day- so I have a good day!”
  • Question of

    Pick an image.

    • happy
    • in-love
    • devil
    • tongue
    • sleeping
  • Question of

    What was / is your favorite school subject?

    • Lunch
    • Anything I was good at!
    • Drama-I was always the star!
    • Science-so we could laugh when the teacher said “penis”
    • Any class where the teacher was easy!
  • Question of

    You have an appointment. The most important thing is to

    • Get there early!
    • Just get there…
    • Get there late because they always make me wait anyway!
    • Make sure I look good!
    • Crack a joke to make the receptionist laugh…
  • Question of

    Are you superstitious?

    • No-I’ve never seen a ghost or ufo…
    • No-but I am good-looking!
    • Maybe-anything is possible!
    • I may have stepped in a bigfoot turd once…
    • I dream about ghosts all the time!
  • Question of

    Some people are great at telling jokes. How do you rate yourself?

    • I am a joke-telling MASTER!
    • I try to be funny but sometimes I am just mean…
    • I’m OK with simple one-liners…
    • My jokes are good and I look good telling them!
    • No – I am really bad at trying to tell stories and jokes…
  • Question of

    Pick the best caption for this image.

    • Alpaca Snack Time!
    • Fix those teeth!
    • True cactus breath…
    • I hope he doesn’t get thorns in his mouth!
    • Nice – lunch and then a nap!
  • Question of

    Pick the best caption for this image.

    • Sweet Dreams Big Boy!
    • Me in the mornings…
    • Is he eating the chair?
    • Hope that chair doesn’t break!
    • Poor pup needs a makeover…
  • Question of

    All of these TV shows are on TV at the same time. Pick one to watch.

    • a hot dog eating contest
    • anything on the hallmark channel
    • I usually fall asleep watching TV
    • modern family
    • the kardashians

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