Instructions : Match the British slang word to the correct meaning.

  • Question of


    • rolling tobacco
    • a very small car
    • an argument
    • a liar
  • Question of


    • a toilet
    • a muddy, wet street
    • a bad experience
    • someone who is upset
  • Question of


    • happy and excited
    • pissed off-upset
    • being ignored
    • a fist fight
  • Question of


    • money or cash
    • a vacation
    • fast car
    • a pretty girl
  • Question of


    • someone who is clueless
    • without money
    • a homeless person
    • divorced-without a spouse
  • Question of


    • being very sick-throwing up
    • road rage-angry driver
    • being very drunk
    • a loud party
  • Question of


    • a short nap
    • a walk
    • a young child-toddler
    • haircut
  • Question of


    • your mouth
    • bad tasting food
    • a criminal
    • horse drawn carriage
  • Question of


    • cold weather
    • sarcastic
    • immature
    • an unhappy person
  • Question of


    • serious kissing
    • a police officer
    • an old man
    • an alcoholic drink
  • Question of


    • naked
    • to study
    • acting crazy
    • someone who has a lot of money
  • Question of


    • penis
    • a prostitute
    • goodbye
    • a gay man
  • Question of


    • to throw a tantrum
    • a drunken stupor
    • a lazy person
    • a politician
  • Question of


    • something that is uncool
    • a bad flu
    • a large coat
    • a police car
  • Question of


    • argument
    • buying a round of drinks for your friends
    • a gang member
    • another name for fish and chips

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