• Question of

    You want to turn up the stereo and rock-out to a loud song-pick your song!

    • I Live for the Weekend-Triumph
    • Hot Rails to Hell-BOC
  • Question of

    Which bands vocals do you like better?

    • Rik Emmett-Triumph
    • Bloom and
  • Question of

    In your opinion, which studio album is better?

    • Agents of Fortune-BOC
    • Allied Forces-Triumph
  • Question of

    Who is a better drummer?

    • Gil Moore-Triumph
    • Albert Bouchard-BOC
  • Question of

    Two of their most commercial “hits” which do you like better?

    • Don’t Fear the Reaper-BOC
    • Magic Power-Triumph
  • Question of

    Better Guitars?

    • Rik Emmett-Triumph
    • Dharma, Bloom, Lanier (classic)-BOC
  • Question of

    Which LIVE album is better?

    • Stages-Triumph
    • Some Enchanted Evening-BOC
  • Question of

    Better Band Logo?

    • Triumph
    • BOC
  • Question of

    Better Bass Player?

    • Mike Levine-Triumph
    • Joe Bouchard-BOC
  • Question of

    Which statement best describes how you feel about both bands?

    • BOC is the BEST but I also like Triumph.
    • BOC is #1 and I DO NOT like Triumph.
    • Triumph is the BEST but I also like BOC.
    • Triumph is #1 and I DO NOT LIKE BOC.

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