Are You a Pure Bred Border Terrier Owner?

Twelve questions to determine your level of “Border Terrier personality”- a bit of Border fun!

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  • Question of

    Which of the dogs in the picture is your favorite?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • Question of

    How do you feel about the intelligence of your dog?

    • Who cares-it’s just a dog!
    • They should be able to learn simple commands…
    • They should be at least average intelligence…
    • My dog should be smarter than most humans!
  • Question of

    According to the Border Terrier Club of America, Border Terriers love to chew and many never outgrow that behavior.

    • TRUE
    • FALSE
  • Question of

    Are you an active person?

    • I might get off the couch sometimes…
    • A little bit
    • Moderately active
    • I am a very active person!
  • Question of

    Would you consider yourself a strong-willed or stubborn person?

    • Not very much…
    • No-I always go with the flow!
    • I can be sometimes!
    • My friends tell me I am VERY stubborn!
  • Question of

    Are you familiar with “Perthes Disease” ?

    • Yes-I saw that movie twice!
    • No-never heard of it…
    • Yes-I have heard of it…
    • Yes-I know what it is and how it relates to a Border Terrier!
  • Question of

    Do you like to garden and do yard work?

    • Sometimes I pick up a rake or shovel…
    • No-I don’t like to touch the dirt!
    • I enjoy yard work…
    • Yes-one of my favorite hobbies-love digging and planting!
  • Question of

    How do you react when you are in a room full of people you do not know?

    • Stay to myself…
    • Look at my phone
    • Speak to a few people…
    • Introduce myself and start conversations…
  • Question of

    You have a flat tire on your car. What do you do?

    • Change it myself!
    • Look at the manual and see if I can figure out how to change it…
    • Call for help
    • Keep driving
  • Question of

    Your neighbor is letting their Golden Retriever poop in your front yard and not picking it up. What do you do?

    • Nothing-they scare me!
    • Stand at the window and give them a dirty look!
    • Go out and tell them to pick up their crap!
    • Get my shovel-pick it up and throw it in their front yard!
  • Question of

    Colors can say a lot about your personality. Pick one the following colors.

    • Yes
    • No
    • 4
    • 4
  • Question of

    Psychological perception is used to determine personality. What is happening in this picture?

    • you are late again for work and your boss is waiting in the parking lot
    • you owe him money and he wants it now!
    • he just called you a nasty name and you are ready to pounce!
    • his dog is pooping in your yard and he is looking directly at you getting heated

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