In order to identify these items, you are going to have to be at least 45 years old. Nobody under 45 gets a perfect score!

  • Question of

    What does this do?

    • play music
    • play video
    • stores computer files
    • makes ice cubes
  • Question of

    What were these used for?

    • a toy-you clacked them together
    • a lasso-you tried to throw them and wrap them around things
    • I’m not sure but they look like something REALLY strange…
    • style-you wore them around your neck
  • Question of

    What did you do with this?

    • look at pictures
    • save food recipes
    • play music
    • play a game like frisbee
  • Question of

    What was this used for?

    • it sealed cans
    • it opened bottles
    • it cut and scaled fish
    • a ring
  • Question of

    What was this used for?

    • a toy
    • a hat
    • to curl hair
    • you wore them on the bottom of your shoes
  • Question of

    What was LUMS?

    • a restaurant
    • a toy brand
    • a band
    • a type of candy
  • Question of

    What was “Iron Butterfly”?

    • a rock band
    • a robot mask toy
    • a big plastic butterfly toy
    • a kind of bicycle
  • Question of

    This was a toy where you had to remove parts of the human body without getting “zapped”. What was it called?

    • Operation
    • Dr. Steady Hands
    • Sick Ralph
    • Steady Surgeon
  • Question of

    What was PONG?

    • a video game
    • a rock band
    • a type of shoe that girls wore
    • don’t you mean beer pong?
  • Question of

    These were a series of funny stickers and trading cards. What were they called?

    • Wacky Packages
    • Crazy Pack Cards
    • Brand Buster Series
    • Looney Packs
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    What did this handle do?

    • roll down a car window
    • crank up the stereo
    • grind meat and vegetables
    • make electricity
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    What was this used for?

    • drawing
    • watching video tapes
    • listening to sounds
    • taking pictures

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