Quick 7 Boxer vs Boxer

  • Question of

    Pick you favorite Boxer coat color.

    • Fawn
    • White
    • Brindle
  • Question of

    Docked Tail or Natural?

    • Docked
    • Natural
  • Question of

    Cropped Ears or Natural?

    • Cropped
    • Natural
  • Question of

    German Boxer (bigger boned-more wrinkled) or American Boxer (smaller-wider snout less wrinkles)?

    • German
    • American
  • Question of

    Male or Female?

    • Male
    • Female
  • Question of

    White Boots (feet) or Non-White Boots?

    • White Boots
    • Non-White Boots
  • Question of

    Large White Chest Patch or Small White Chest Patch

    • Large Chest Patch
    • Small Chest Patch

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